Vampire Facial Series

Vampire Facial Series:

Harness the power of your own blood to erase the effects of time.

At Biorestoration, we understand how aging can sneak up and steal your youthful appearance. The Vampire facial series makes use of your own blood’s growth factors to help regenerate skin and restore youthful texture, volume, color and tone.

What is PRP?

Platelet rich plasma is a specially prepared serum that requires a small amount of your own blood. The platelets in your blood are concentrated, providing us with a rich, growth factor-filled serum that can be injected or applied with a microneedling device topically to help regenerate skin.

How are the procedures done?

Numbing cream is applied to your face then blood is taken from your arm. After the PRP is ready, a small needle can be used to inject the PRP and/or the PRP can be applied topically and activated using a microneedling device. With some Vampire procedures, hyaluronic acid filler (ex: Juvederm) is also added to further increase volume and youthful appearance.

How long before I see results?

From the microneedling, you can see improved texture within just a few days. Studies show that collagen begins to increase within 2 weeks and continues for many months. Most people notice significant improvements in skin brightness, texture, tone, and quality within 2-3 months. Your skin will continue to age and the procedure can be repeated, but results are generally long-lasting.

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