Wisdom is not the only thing that comes with age. On the contrary, you actually lose some important things as you get older. Your body loses its ability to produce hormones, which eventually causes an imbalance in the hormone levels. When this happens, you become more susceptible to diseases or you start to feel the debilitating side effects of aging.

It is now possible to restore youthful levels of hormones with prescription strength, plant derived, bio-identical compounds. With the aging process many of the balances and essential levels of hormones are lost, resulting in severe fatigue, depression, loss of muscle mass, progressive cardiovascular disease and declining sexual function. Specifically men and women in their 40’s experience significant decline in many aspects of their physical, mental, and emotional life. Many of these changes are linked to hormonal declines.

Testing is now available and performed at Biorestoration to determine existing levels with the goal of restoring balance to the affected systems. We provide extensive hormone replacement therapy in Sandy and Draper, Utah that addresses and reverses the loss of hormone levels in your body. We’ll help you feel younger and restore the lost vigor you once had in your prime. Basal metabolic rates are changed with thyroid deficiency. Adrenal gland dysfunction produces changes in electrolyte balances, energy, glucose metabolism, and cortisol. Insulin resistance and obesity are evaluated. Correction can be accomplished with daily treatment offering improved energy, vitality, increased sex drive, restful sleep, increased lean muscle mass and enhanced concentration. One can return to their previous levels of performance and life satisfaction.

At Biorestoration Medical, we believe that growing old doesn’t mean that you should feel any older. Call us today to learn more about our hormone replacement doctors in Sandy and receive a free consultation.

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Bioidentical hormones are able to achieve what their non-bioidentical counterparts can’t in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. Here are some of the things that bioidentical hormones can do, that non-bioidentical hormones can’t:

  • Identical chemical structure to human hormones
  • Have a known effect on all bodily tissues
  • Heart healthy
  • Are an exact match for chemical receptors in the body
  • Have very few side effects
  • Do not increase the blood’s clotting factor
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