Here’s What No One Tells You About Vampire Facials

PRP for Hair Loss: Does It Work, and Is It Safe?
PRP for Hair Loss: Does It Work, and Is It Safe?
June 3, 2021
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Here’s What No One Tells You About Vampire Facials

Here's What No One Tells You About Vampire Facial

As the skin ages, it will begin to lose its previous charm, firmness, and elasticity. The skin becomes too dry easily and develops issues like fine lines and wrinkles impacting your looks and self-esteem. But, with the advancements in aesthetic medicine and treatments, there are options to negate or reduce these issues. The Vampire Facial is an advanced facial filler treatment that has been gaining huge popularity due to celebrity usage and proven results. What makes Vampire facial unique from others? Keep reading below to know more.

What is a vampire facial?

  • A vampire facial is a non-surgical treatment that induces anti-aging effects. It begins with a micro-needling procedure that employs a hand-held device to develop micro holes on the surface of the skin. This unique device is a roller that comprises several small needles that are gradually made to maneuverer over the face.
  • As there is any kind of damage to the skin, the body develops multiple growth factors like elastin and collagen that promote cell renewal. This process will induce tissue renewal at the region of damage resulting in healthy, firm, and young-looking skin. Micro-needling employs the healing properties of the patient’s own body to enhance the overall health and quality of the skin.
  • A vampire facial uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to improve the outcomes of micro-needling. PRP contains concentrated blood plasma which comprises abundant protein components that stimulate cell renewal. Experts use this plasma by separating them exclusively to stimulate cell renewal at target regions.
  • This procedure is safe as it uses PRP from the own blood of the patient. This blood is drawn from a vein of the arm and placed in a centrifugal machine to separate the growth factors of PRP. This extracted PRP is gradually applied over the treatment site to stimulate the production of collagen and the natural healing process in the skin.
  • There are no chances of any rejection from the body as there is the usage of the patient’s blood for the process. This therapy has been actively used to encourage recovery in joints, muscles, and tendons with safe outcomes.

Is this extremely painful?

Vampire facial begins by employing a medical grade numbing agent. It will aid to reduce any kind of discomfort while the micro-needling device creates tiny holes on the skin surface. The majority of individuals have only reported a warm sensation during this treatment. This sensation will be slightly more in the regions which have less fat like hairline, forehead, jawline, etc. Regardless of using any kind of numbing agent, it also depends on the overall pain tolerance of every individual. Experts will know about handling various situations and will take optimal care as you remain comfortable.

Exclusive benefits from vampire facial:

  • Vampire facial has proven to reduce skin issues like wrinkles and scars. Other cosmetic injectables like dermal fillers will just temporarily add volume to fill up the target region. But Vampire facial will aid in naturally rejuvenating the skin with natural effects by restoring the facial shape, texture, and overall tone. The growth factors present in the PRP will initiate natural cell renewal and repair the damaged tissues thereby naturally eliminating wrinkles and scars.
  • As PRP uses the patient’s blood, separating the plasma and platelets will naturally promote the cell renewal process. It will make the body think that there is damage in the target region and stimulate the growth of stem cells. These stem cells create fresh tissues and generate the production of collagen leading to a fresh and younger appearance in the skin.
  • PRP has proven benefits around 3 decades back in orthopedics especially for athletes. This procedure was used to enhance healing capacity in tendons, joints, and muscles by injecting platelets into the target region. These platelets are the primary responders in an injured skin region and initiate the clotting process.
  • Vampire facials are leading natural injectable procedures valuable in the current market. Several other injectable dermal fillers consist of artificial compounds that will only be temporarily placed under the skin to fill fine lines and wrinkles. These artificial substances are metabolized by the body and the effects have vanished in some days. It will need constant follow-up sessions to maintain the same look. A Vampire Facial is unique as it inspires the body to naturally generate collagen and to develop longer results. Due to this, one injection is enough to develop expected outcomes.
  • Vampire facial is the best choice for sensitive skin issues as it uses the own blood. Without the presence of any surgical procedures, or aggressive laser resurfacing methods, it is ideal for individuals who have sensitive skin or concerned about using artificial fillers.

What is the recovery period?

Generally, the patient can head home immediately after completing the vampire facial. The complete procedure is completed in an hour under the hands of a qualified expert. There will be some amount of swelling or redness for a day and can be covered with makeup after expert advice. The majority of individuals resume back to routine activities on the same day or the next day after the procedure. You have to wait for few weeks to get complete results from the vampire facial. There will gradual improvements of results for up to 6 months and reduction of pore size as PRP induces its effects.

Final thoughts:

If you want to get the exclusive benefits of a Vampire facial, then you must be extremely careful in choosing a reliable, expert, and qualified injector or doctor. At Bio restoration, our experts know the importance of avoiding the effects of aging and rejuvenating the radiant and youthful appearance. Don’t wait for longer to employ this innovative Vampire facial procedure under the guidance of experts. Rejuvenate the skin on the face without opting for any surgical methods or use of any synthetic compounds. We will carefully analyze your skin type, issues to customize a perfect treatment plan without any aggressive side effects.


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