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HCG Treatments Salt Lake City

Take the Safe Route With hCG Treatments

Anyone who has done even a little research into quick weight loss over the last several years has likely come across human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). This hormone is normally produced in large quantities when a woman becomes pregnant. However, lately hCG treatments in Salt Lake City have been used to target weight loss. BioRestoration is happy to provide these treatments with the vital assistance of our medical professionals.

Concerning hCG and Weight Loss

We can use hCG treatments to assist in either weight loss or the resetting of the body’s metabolism. Normal weight loss occurs with a low-calorie diet. Under the supervision of a physician, hCG and a careful diet may facilitate quicker loss of weight or an increase in metabolism. The treatment is offered as an injection, which we perform in our office, into the muscle. We then lay out a carefully detailed eating plan for the best results.

A Word of Caution

There are many hCG treatments offered outside of medical offices. However, it is very important that injections are properly given and that anyone undergoing such treatments is carefully monitored by medical personnel. This is why we encourage those who are interested in using hCG for weight loss to come and consult with us.

Learn More From Our Professionals

The physicians at BioRestoration understand how to effectively and safely use hCG to help with weight loss and restoring metabolism. For more information about this and our other treatments, including PRP treatments in Utah, give us a call at 801-501-9797. We’ll provide you with a free consultation.

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