Advanced Botox and Dysport Treatments

Here at Biorestoration, we offer a range of solutions that can improve both your confidence in your appearance and your quality of life. One of our most popular treatments is Botox injection, a noninvasive and easy way to rejuvenate your head, neck, and face.

Headache Reduction

Botox, as well as related medications Dysport, can be used to relieve recurrent severe headaches. The compounds impede muscles contractions, and when injected into various head or neck muscles can significantly reduce some forms of headaches.

Wrinkle Prevention

These medications can also have significant cosmetic effects. With just a few small injections, frown lines, crow’s feet, sagging eyebrows, wrinkled chins, and even large jowls can be improved or even eliminated. Botox can be used both to remove wrinkles after they appear and prevent them from forming in the first place; results appear within days and can last for up to six months.

Quick and Easy

One of the best parts about Botox, however, is that it’s a short and simple procedure that requires no recovery time. The doctor will work with you to determine the best sites for the Botox, and then administer several tiny injections. No anesthesia is required, and you may resume normal activity immediately. You can even have the procedure done during your lunch break.

Getting Started

At Biorestoration, we want to help you be more comfortable with your body and appearance. Contact us today at 801-501-9797 to learn more about how Botox and Dysport in Salt Lake City can help you.

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