About Us


Biorestoration medical clinic and spa is a unique and advanced medical facility offering 21st century evolutionary treatments.

Advanced concepts in Genetic Risk Assessment, Nutrition, Natural Hormonal Therapies, Neutraceuticals, Exercise and Anti-Aging Strategies now make it possible to be proactive in preventing aging and degenerative disease. We currently know that a 50 year old person in good health today can live an extended productive youthful lifestyle well beyond the hundred year mark.

Cutting edge evaluations now are available utilizing sophisticated Genetic Risk Analysis, Specialized Laboratory Testing, Neurotransmitter Analysis, Toxic and Nutritional Mineral Analysis, Intracellular Nutritional Testing, Anti Oxidant Evaluations, Hormone testing and Cardiovascular Risk Assessment. A complete physical examination is performed, genetic risk factors are determined, Laboratory evaluations accessed, and non-invasive Pulmonary function testing, computerized EKG, Cardiodynamics®, and IMT Arterial plaque evaluation, if needed, are performed.

A comprehensive treatment for current medical conditions is recommended along with specific preventative strategies. Integration with current standard therapies is utilized. A high priority is placed on minimizing prescriptions and maximizing natural therapies.


Our innovative weight control methods can include Hormone Optimization, Sleep and Stress Analysis, Genetic Risk Evaluation and HCG if needed. The development of this approach has resulted in long term improved weight control and heath. Our patients are losing their unwanted weight, and they are optimizing their health. Reclaiming their more balanced lives, and overall wellness. Nutriceuticals of proven value are strongly employed; exercise and good nutrition promoted.

Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy is utilized to restore balance in the adrenal, thyroid, pituitary and sex hormone axis.

Toxicities are accessed and treated including Chelation for heavy metal toxicity and the removal of plaque from diseased arteries. Musculoskeletal dysfunction is treated with Osteopathic Manipulation and Prolotherapy (an injection of nutrients into weakened ligaments). Our innovative Bio-PRP Plus can restore degenerative  joints with improved cartilage, stability, and function.  

Cosmetic enhancements are available with the latest in laser technology. Total skin rejuvenation with Cutera® Pearl, Cutera® Laser Genesis, Varicose Vein Removal and IPL (Photofacial). Laser hair removal is performed for unwanted hair. RF skin tightening with Thermacell®.

Introducing Bio-PRP Plus natural filler. To greatly improve facial wrinkles and contours without surgical intervention.

Botox® Cosmetic and Restylane®are used to minimize facial wrinkling and promote a positive and youthful appearance.Lip enhancement is available and enthusiastically accepted.
Mini Face Lifts are a treatment for major facial and neck enhancement without surgery.
Microdermabrasion for fine wrinkles and scar improvement.
Lipodissolve/Mesotherapy can sculpt the body to high levels of improvement previously almost impossible to obtain. Injections of natural substances achieve the desired result of dissolving unsightly body fat and cellulite.

The look and feel of Advanced 21st century proactive medical care now. Come see what we can do for you. You will be amazed and so glad you did. Your future can be bright for a long productive joyful existence and enhanced well-being. One can return to previous levels of performance, life satisfaction, and appearance – never before thought possible.

The educated proactive individual, can now with the help and guidance of an experienced anti-aging physician, expect to live longer and achieve more productivity than ever before thought possible.

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